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Advice & Information on what to do after a death

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Here we discuss the cost of a typical funeral in the UK, how to arrange a cheaper funeral and the financial assistance you can access to help meet these costs.

Last will and testament

We explain what Probate is and take a look at the process including why this is necessary, the different stages of probate plus how to obtain a Grant of Probate and what authority this grants you.

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In this guide, we hope to cover all of your questions about who is the Next of Kin when someone dies in the UK, what this means and what this role involves.

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In this guide, we take a closer look at the order of what  takes place when someone dies in hospital including what happens regarding organ donation as well as give you some advice on the steps you should follow after death.

Memories of a person who has died

In this article, we take a close look at the protocols of what you should do when someone dies at home including who you should call first, what you should expect to happen after death has been confirmed and whether the body needs to be moved.

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This article explains the processes of how a Will is read, the timescales for doing this and what you can expect to happen as an Executor and/or a beneficiary.

Death certificate form

In this guide, we take a look at how many death certificates you are likely to need, who needs to see them as well as answer some common questions about getting copies of a death certificate.

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In this guide, we answer some common questions about the process of registering a death including who can do this, what they need to do and how long the process takes.

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In this guide, we talk you through the process of registering a death with a bank plus provide you with some useful resources for the main UK banks to help you reach the right departments. 

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In this article, we consider the law on the requirements for funerals in the UK as well as addressing the reasons why someone might not want a funeral. We also take a look at what happens in the event that no funeral is arranged.